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Starting your new business can be exciting, challenging and stressful - all at the same time. You are ready to venture out on your own and begin on the path to your success but there is just one nagging question,
"Where & How Do I Begin?"

We at Basco Publications have guided many clients overcome the frustrations of a new business and succeed in their new endeavors.

Whether your business is a one-person enterprise or a large corporation, there is a set of planning steps that must be considered.

  • How Do I Finance My Business?
  • Where Do I Locate My Store?
  • How Much Staff Do I Need?
  • Whom Do I Hire to Help Me?
  • Do I Know the Current Labor Laws?
  • What is Financial Reporting?
  • How Do I Pay My Payroll Taxes?
  • Questions, Questions & More Questions

For the answers to many of your business questions Buy The Beginner's Guide
to Business
before you spend valuable time, money and heartache!

The Guide is an easy to read and comprehensive text that deals with all of the issues that confront a small business.

Anyone who has dealt with hiring new staff, argued with vendors, tried to understand labor laws and had to deal with the IRS knows the value of getting good and relevant advise on a timely manner.

A new businessperson must be prepared to address all issues that come their way - from the mundane to the complicated. With the Guide at hand, the answers are readily available and very informative.

The Guide presents the key steps in a clear and that must be followed when starting and running a small business.


Buy the Guide Now
Immediately available - PDF file

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