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The commitment to 'start a new business' has been made but you have no idea where to begin - this can be a daunting task. No matter how much you think you know, there is always something that was not anticipated.

Starting a new business requires a great deal of research, effort, money, time and personal commitment. The starting point should be the purchase of a professional Guide to Business.

The sole purpose of the Beginner's Guide to Business is to assist those individuals considering to start a new business get a clear idea as to the rewards and avoid the risks involved.

This particular Guide to Business is designed to help the individual ask all the right questions before spending valuable time and money on a new business venture.

Once a decision is made to start the new company, the Guide will help you develop a detailed business plan that will organize all of your start-up costs and financial needs.

In addition to the Guide, the prepared spreadsheets (MS Excel) will give the individual the financial start-up tools to analyze both himself and the new business venture.

A successful entrepreneur needs to use the proper financial and management tools to resolve business situations and with the help of the Beginner's Guide to Business this is easily done.

All new business ventures have similar growing pains and learning curves, from choosing a proper store location, constructing new facilities, hiring and training staff, developing marketing plans and most important getting financial assistance.

The Beginner's Guide to Business was developed for this purpose.

Business Start-up Issues

The following items are but a brief list of the many considerations necessary to begin the business start-up process.

 Personal Evaluation & Scoring
 Various Types of Business Ventures
 New Business Questionnaire
 Market Positioning of
 Financial Evaluation of Principals
 Financial Evaluation of New Business
 Long-Term Budget for New Business
 Funding Sources & Availability
 Detail Start-up Costs Analysis
 Projected Income & Expenses
 Glossary of Financial Terms
 Legal Considerations for Business
 What to Ask When Buying
 a Business
 Considerations When Leasing

The Beginner's Guide to Business explains in detail all of the above issues plus many others that can assist in getting the new business started.

It is very important that the new entrepreneur consult with competent professionals such as; attorneys, accountants, tax experts and other experts to assist in the start-up process.

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Operating a Small Business

Once a new business has started the real challenge has begun. It is an amazing adventure that will greatly effect your life - both financially and personally.

 Step-by-Step Business Start-up
 Selecting Qualified Professionals
 Selecting a Business Legal Entity
 Tax Applications & Numbers
 Local Licensing & Registrations
 Hiring & Training Employees
 Government Labor Laws
 Payroll Preparation & Taxes
 Dealing with Customers
 Banking Relations & Financing
 Monthly Financial Reports
 Year-End Financial Reporting
 What is Successful Management
 How to Sell or Close a Business

All successful new businesses need professional management and dedicated owners. The commitment of the owners to the business must be total and complete - otherwise the risks can be very costly in both time & money.

With the purchase of the Beginner's Guide to Business you will have an authoritative business guide that will assist you overcome the many hurdles of the start-up process.

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