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Rebate Program

In appreciation for purchasing the "Beginners Guide to Business" we are offering this rebate program. This program not only gives you the ability to help your friends and relatives who are thinking of going into business but it also allows you to earn $$$$$.

The following are the rebate's procedures/conditions:

  • The rebate certificate number is available to all who purchase "A Beginners Guide to Business" for $39.95 (hard copy $69.95).
  • The rebate program DOES NOT APPLY to any other products or service on the startbusiness.com site or any affiliated sites or entities. It is only available to those that purchase the "Beginners Guide to Business."
  • You will receive your own certificate number by purchasing "A Beginners Guide to Business." The certificate number is a six digit code (alpha numeric), and it is printed on the bottom of your ORDER CONFIRMATION, which you must print.
  • This certificate number is valid for only 30 days from the date of issuance. The expiration date will be stated on your order confirmation. By giving your certificate number to others you can earn $$$$ and you also accept all of the rebate programs terms and conditions.
  • You will receive a credit of $10.00 on your credit card (within seven days), each time one of your friends and relatives purchases a copy of the "Beginner's Guide to Business" and uses your personal certificate number. Basco reserves the right to debit your credit card in the case where an order was cancelled or charged back.
    REMEMBER - they must enter your certificate number on the order screen!
  • This rebate program is intended to assist those starting a business and anyone attempting to circumvent the above terms and conditions will be prosecuted. Any fraudulant use of this rebate program is strictly prohibited and BASCO Publications, Inc. reserves the right to charge back any unauthorized credits issued or pending.

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